First Post

I decided to begin this blog to track my progress as I attempt to lose some weight, and to hold myself accountable for my weight loss itself. All of my starting points as well as goal weights are listed in the Stats link in the sidebar. I’m going to try to post what I eat for every meal or snack, and when and what exercises I do, as well as a daily weigh-in.

To give some context, I’ve been trying to lose weight for around 4 years. Not consistently, though. I saw myself gaining more and more weight, but as I was fairly tall as a kid (I’ve been 5’ 7” since about 6th grade), and because I tend to gain weight evenly around my entire body instead of particular spots, it never really looked too bad so I didn’t really bother putting too much effort into losing it.

4 years later though, being overweight and out of shape has really started to weigh heavily on me, and after I went in for a minor back surgery in July of this year and saw my weight at 255 lbs on the scale in the hospital room, I knew I had to do something. My final goal weight, at least for now, is 170 lbs. However, I’ve split that into 5 increments of about 15 lbs. each. I’ve already lost 16 lbs. as of this post, as the surgery was in late July, and hope to continue to lose the weight so I can hopefully reach my goal by summer of 2015.

If you have any tips, comments or thoughts, feel free to send them in via the askbox. Other than that, I think that’s it.